SNIPE Boot Camp

Dreaming to be the greatest foam Sniper ever existed?

Join the SNIPE team for an adventure you would never forget

When we were thinking what should we offer to our biggest backers we understood we are facing fatefull decisions. How could we give back enough love to the ones that bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams?

Then we thought, what’s better than sharing the experiences that led us to the invention of SNIPE.

during the SNIPE BOOT CAMP we will take 2 dozens of our backers to a week of training by ex-military soldiers in our home – the state of Israel.

The SNIPE boot camp squad shall be composed by 12 backers who will pledge the $10K reward and other lucky backers that would win the contests we would be organizing during the Kickstarter campaign.


October 10th – 16th, 2014 (During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot)

Eligibility Criterias:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older
  • Participants must be entitled to visit the State of Israel
  • Participants must be healthy and provide a medical certificate


day 1 – Arrival day

12:00 – Approximate Landing at Ben Gurion International Airport

14:00 – Arriving to Tel Aviv, Hotel check-in

16:00 – A tour in the old city of Jaffa

19:00 - A festive reception and welcome party at the new port of Tel Aviv

day 2 - Camp Establishtment

10:00 - Leaving Tel Aviv toward the Golan Heights (Helicopter flight option)

13:00 - Observation and heritage at the Valley of Tears (Israel – Syria border)

16:00 -Lecture: Open field navigation

18:00 – 8 KM march training

day 3 - Shooting skills

6:00 - Morning practice

9:00 – Lecture: Basics of military shooting

13:00 - Training: Day time open field shooting practice (real ammo)

19:00 - Training: Night time open field shooting practice (real ammo)

day 4 - Urban Warfare skills

6:00 - Morning practice

9:00 - Lecture: Guide lines for Urban Warfare

12:00 - Training: Urban Warfare practice at a designated facility

18:00 - Concluding session: Classified

day 5 - Jerusalem tour

12:00 - Late wake-up

14:00 - Heritage: The battle over the Ammunition Hill (outskirts of Jerusalem)

17:00 – A tour at the old city of Jerusalem

21:00 - Night of fun at the city of Jerusalem

day 6 - Meet SNIPE

10:00 - Going back to Tel Aviv

11:00 - Tour at XnTouch Labs, Beta testing the SNIPE Apps

17:00 – Open discussion: The future of shooting games – where should it be taken

20:00 - Boot camp graduation party

  • Program is subject to changes and should be used only as a reference.
  • The trip is all inclusive, the only thing you would need to pay for is gifts you’d like to bring back home.
  • All participants will recieve hard and digital copies of a photo album and a video clip concluding the adventure.

If you have any ideas or comments please to write to us in the comment section below.

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